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  • Still looking for a job.  My wife and children are already in Texas. Very, very busy.

  • Anyone know Richard Garriot?  I'd sure like to work for him. :)


  • My house is sold and the closing is on the 31st, so I'm moving.  Where am I moving you ask?  I *DON'T KNOW*. :)  Actually, I'm moving to Texas. I currently live in Connecticut. However, this is a two stage move - family first so the kids get into school, then me after I have a good job there.  I have a good job in CT, I expect to have a better one in TX. So, I may or may not have any time to work on Trespasser for the next month or two or three. I'm looking in the Austin, TX area, so if anyone knows of a company that needs a good database analyst or webmaster/developer, let me know.


  • The screen size patch is now available.  I created a simple exe that will patch any of the Trespasser EXEs.  A great big thank you goes out to Mark Grant (aka MrLaggy) for figuring out this patch.  Unlike some of my other work, this patch is tiny - 18kb, so download it today.

  • I'm looking at engines to do a Total Conversion of Trespasser.  Right now the only two that I think would be worthwhile are the Crytek (X-Isle) engine, and the MAX FX (Max Payne) engine.  If you know of any others, send me some email.  The biggest criteria for the engine would be physics, foley effects, and 3d sound.


  • Jurassic Park III comes out on Wednesday, 7/18/2001.  It's interesting that no PC computer games have been announced to coincide with the premier. :( 

  • I haven't worked on TLE in about a month. My wife is studying for the bar right now which she takes on July 25-26. (Yes, it is a 2 day exam.) I'm going for a weekend car trip on the 27th-29th, and then she is taking the kids on a weeklong camping trip.  So, I should be able to work on TLE, undisturbed, in the first week of August.  I'm going to try to have it capable of changing object positions then. (Which is what Wajas needs it to do for his special edition.)


  • Sometimes you're the windshield...sometimes you're the bug. The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01h) is available for downloading. This corrects the wrong installation directory problem.


  • The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01g) is available for downloading. This corrects the "missing file" error.  For those having problems, download and test.


  • The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01f) is available for downloading. This adds some error checking.  For those having problems, download and test.


  • The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01e) is available for downloading.  This minor update FINALLY fixes a registry problem with the previous versions.


  • The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01d) is available for downloading.  This minor update fixes a registry problem with the previous version.  Also available is the Access 2000 runtime which is necessary to run TLE.  Total download size of the two files is about 41mb.

05/20/2001 (8:32pm EST)

  • The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01c) is available for downloading.  This minor update includes the full system files in with TLE.  It's really meant just for Wajas and tRaptor to test out and see if it works. (And it doubled the size of the runtime files, making the download  44.7mb.  Sometimes I just really hate MicroSLOTH.)

05/20/2001 (10:32am EST)

  • tedmg0913earthlinknet sent me an update for the OTP on the demo level.  I've updated the OTP page.

  • The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01b) is available for downloading.  This minor update includes the system files in with TLE.  It's really meant just for Wajas and tRaptor to test out and see if it works.

05/20/2001 (12:01am EST)

  • The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01a) is available for downloading.  This minor update corrects the problem with the wrong install directory.  If TLE works for you, please let me know.  If it doesn't work for you, I'd like to know that also.

05/19/2001 (5:30pm EST)

  • The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) (Alpha version 0.01) is available for downloading.  Version 1.1 of the TLE system files is also available.  *READ*THE*F#!&ING*MANUAL*  The manual is named "TRES Readme.txt".  If you don't read it, don't post about how hard the program is to use.



  • Dawn (my wife) graduated last Sunday.  So I've had a little bit of time to work on TLE.

  • I'm cleaning up and setting up the menu needed for TLE.  Hopefully I'll finish up the little things I need to get done and have it ready early Saturday morning. (My time of course. :) 

  • My first try at packaging it made it 3.5mb in size.  That's not too bad but it doesn't include the runtimes.   TLE requires the Access 2000 runtimes.  Here's the bad news - they increase the file size by 35mb.  Fun huh?  When compressed, the runtimes are only 15mb, but it's still a lot.


  • Work is progressing slowly, but continuing.  My wife is just finishing law school (she's doing finals for the next two weeks) and her graduation is Mother's day.  This is putting a crimp in my programming. :(

04/21/2001 (shortly after midnight :)

  • Fixed the problem with the Scavenger Hunt savegame by JPMan. Try it out.

  • If you come across a problem with my site, please let me know. :)

  • TLE is coming along.  The Load TPA and Export Audio screens are working.  The Edit/Import Audio and Save TPA screens are next.  Screen shots are available. Alpha-test should be available next weekend.


  • I'm hard at work on the Trespasser Level Editor, mostly doing the boring but required stuff.  I'm hoping to have the Load/Save/Import/Export/Edit routines and screens completed and working for audio by next weekend.  Then it will take another week (I hope) to finish the Load/Save routines for the GRF files.  The Import/Export routines & forms for GRFs will take at least another week.  The Edit routines are probably going to take two weeks on their own - you'll understand why when you see the finished product. :(


  • The site is back up, the host having fixed their problems.  I've got more space and bandwidth now.  Also, they promised that there would be better response times.

  • Working feverishly on the Trespasser Level Editor.  I'm programming it in Microsoft Access 2000 & visual basic.  I think this means it will be a huge download.  Time for everyone to get DSL. :)

  • My birthday was yesterday, but the site was down.  I'm 36 now.  I think I need to change my nick to "OldGeezer". :)

  • With the host moving to a new host themselves, they screwed up my wonderful error page.  I've fixed it now.


  • Minor updates to links & forums.  Gave some credit where credit was due on the save games.

  • Got some work done on the program needed for creating new levels.  Still got a lot to do.


  • is no more.


  • Scallenger presents the first Trespasser Mission.  It's an interesting saved game with a twist.

  • Life has been interfering with Trespasser but I'm shutting life out this weekend so I can concentrate on Trespasser. :)


  • Coming soon: Microsoft Access program to load the complete assets from Trespasser.  To be followed, at a later date, with ways to actually do something with that data. :)

  • What's up & WTD stored in savegame - see RE history latest news.

  • Note on voting: voting that you both prefer and dislike the same person is rather silly.


  • Interesting new bug found!

  • Features list updated.

  • Just finished installing a new 45gb hard drive.  It's working nicely but it took me the whole weekend to finish reinstalling software.  Outside there is over 2 feet of snow, so the snow flakes are back.  Shovel away the snow.

  • More voting results in.  If you haven't voted yet, please do.


  • More voting results in.  If you haven't voted yet, please do.

  • will be deleted today.

  • Geothermal plant progress news.


  • Fixed the link to TLAe 1.04.


  • TLAe 1.04 now available - removed SYSINFO.OCX dependency, should work now if you received "SYSINFO.OCX not registered" error.



  • Second voting results in.  If you haven't voted yet, please do.

  • Added a link to Milkshape 3d on the utilities page.

  • Some people have experienced problems installing and using TLAE.  If you are one of them, visit the utilities page and download COMCTL (if you got an error complaining about COMCTL32.DLL missing) or DCOM (if you had any other error) for your version of Windows and run them to install.  Let me know if this helps.  If it doesn't help, let me know what error you are getting.



  • Why so many updates in so few days?  Snow man, SNOW!  The storm that hit Connecticut dumped about two feet on me, and then the wind blew another foot or two onto my driveway.  Sucks to be me. :)  When I do updates this quickly, I'll keep up to a week of them bolded.

  • Added new review -  This isn't actually a review, but it has a couple of never-before seen screenshots.  The control room screenshot has been added to the Geothermal plant original pics section.

  • For those not watching, the Geothermal plant features list is growing.  Visit the forum to suggest your own. 


  • Added voice-over poll page to the Geothermal plant section.  Visit the page and vote on who you'd like to have as the voice of Anne in the new level.  Warning: This page takes a long time to load (200 seconds on a 56k modem).  Since it has taken me several hours to get it working, I'd appreciate everyone who has an opinion about the voice they'd like to hear as Anne fill out the poll.  This poll page should work in Netscape 3+, IE 4+, and Opera.  I've only tested it in IE5.5.  Please email me if the page doesn't work for you and you have one of the browsers listed.

  • Added the option to make Trespasser Secrets your home page (IE only) to the menu bar. I'm sure everyone wants too! :)


  • Corrected the text in the Geothermal Plant section.  Added annoying sound. :)

  • Added features page to Geothermal Plant section.

  • Updated my 404 page. (Reload the page a few times, there are two sounds.  Javascript required to hear the sounds though.  The page takes about 30 seconds to load on a 56k connection.)

  • Made the Humor page more user friendly.

  • Included a link in the Secrets section to the Trespasser patches on the Dreamworks site.


  • Welcome to the new Trespasser Secrets web site.  New domain name and a new host ( and 100mb of space to play with.  This should be enough for...

  • The Geothermal Plant section is all about the creation of a new level for Trespasser.  The new level won't be ready for a while yet, but I'll be posting updates there as I work on it.

  • The Reverse Engineering and Isle Sorna sections have been moved out of the Secrets area to the main navigation bar.

  • Know a site, review, or preview I missed?  Let me know about it!

  • Got some Trespasser/Jurassic Park humor that belongs on my humor page?  Let me know about it!

  • Comments and suggestions on the new site design are appreciated.


  • The new Trespasser Secrets website is up and running.  Change your bookmarks, favorites, and links to and then head on over! will self-destruct sometime in February.
  • Revamped website coming soon.  Info about the new Geothermal level will be available at the same time - 2/1/2001. (Maybe even earlier if I'm able to work that fast.) 


  • I'm back from vacation. The weather sucked big time. I've got some video of all the Jurassic Park stuff at Universal, and as soon as I get a firewire card, I'll create a few movies and post a few vidcaps.
  • Hopefully I'll be working on some more RE of Trespasser this week.

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