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Useful Bugs:

  1. Object Teleporting: If Anne can hold on to an object, she can teleport it. Theodore Gearhart found this little bug sometime in February 2001.  Try it with a door sometime.
  2. Night in Trespasser: Load up the night level. Then load any other level. You should get to play at night throughout Trespasser. To remove the night lighting, you need to restart trespasser. Sometimes this doesn't work, if I determine exactly how to always cause it you'll find the answer here.
  3. Anorexic Anne: If Anne isn't carrying anything (and sometimes when she is) she can sometimes fit through openings a few inches wide. Cases in point:
    1. the reentrance from off-the-path to Level 6 is at the beginning of the level on the right hand side (when facing away from the concrete fence) of the valley between two invisible blocks with only a few inches between them;
    2. the off-the-path exit for Level 2 is achieved by squeezing under a block and slipping into depressions in the ground;
    3. on Level 5: The Lab, skip looking for the green card and just squeeze between the end of the fence and the hill.
  4. Inside the dam on level 4. (Provided by TPdac): Try this. Go behind the dam. Starting under the grate, move to the right, pressing into the dam wall. At about 690,-45,74 you pass through the wall. This is a bug in the game (full patch, anyway). You get a good view of the tunnel that cuts through the dam. If you haven't been in the tunnel itself yet, open the iron gate by throwing the switch in the control house. Use a box to get up, or jump down from above (this is faster). Enter the tunnel. Say hello to the late Harold Greenwood.
  5. Shock Absorbers: All objects in the game act as shock absorbers if Anne lands on them. Boxes, giant dominoes, cars, raptors (dead or alive :), and water of course. Objects not to jump on - dinosaur heads, weapons of any type, electric fences, the ground.  The shock absorbing properties of each object varies - water is best, dead dinosaurs are next best, then wood, then metal, then stone.
  6. still looking


Useless Bugs:

  1. Toxin Rifle: The Toxin rifle on Level 5 is actually part Toxin rifle, part Calico MP50.  Maybe I'll make a patch for this.
  2. not looking, but I'm sure I'll find more

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