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In February 1999 I finally upgraded to a new WinTel machine after 4 years suffering with a 486. My brand new computer was a 300mhz Celeron A, 128 mb ram, 10 gb 7200rpm IBM Deskstar GXP, Sound Blaster Live, Sony 5x DVD with Hollywood+ decoder, and a Rage Fury. Actually, that was what it should have been. The morons at ATI couldn't get their damn act together and make the Rage available so I bought an el-cheapo Graphics Blaster Extreeme from Creative Labs. I'm still using the Extreeme because I'm waiting on the new S4 in a 32MB AGP version.

Anyway, I first bought Trespasser to "test" my brand-spanking new, kick-ass computer. When I loaded Trespasser on my machine I was amazed - it was love at first sight. You know the part on Level 5 where you enter the Cray room and turn it on?  I was feeling Hammond's excitement as I started the game. If you don't know the part, then you'll just have to play the game to see it! In fact, if you don't know the part you SHOULD NOT read most of the pages on this site.

That said, Trespasser is WONDERFUL. I've played Unreal, Half-Life, and Quake but none of them have the exploration that Trespasser does.   They're okay as first-person shooter games, and probably even more fun when networked, but Trespasser just strikes a cord in me.

When I first played Trespasser I had no clue about the game. I hadn't suffered from the hype and impressive previews that most of the gamers did for the last 2 years. The last first person shooter game I played was Quake on my wimpy 486-50mhz. You could probably have counted the frames during the game. Trespasser wasn't a disappointment to me like it was to those that had been awaiting it.

I'd seen both Jurassic Park movies so as I started to play the game I was expecting those nasty little spitters that killed Nedry to pop up and kill me. I was looking for a rock or some other weapon to kill the buggers. Then I looked down. Wow, nice tits! Jurassic Park, real-world immersive environment, bushes that swish when you walk through them, sand and leaves that crunch underfoot, and tits with a tattoo. What more could a guy ask for? (See the Pro's & Con's of Trespasser to find out :) All in all the game was quite fun. I was disappointed by the lack of more graphic effects - I'm a guy, so some really disgusting effects were called for when a raptor managed to kill Anne, and a bit of eye candy wouldn't have hurt either. Perhaps one of the bigger disappointments was the fact that no spitters tried to french kiss Anne, and that the spitters weren't in the game at all. I think they would have made a wonderful addition.

That's it, that's the end of this page.  Ok, so there is one more little bit...I'd love to have a copy of the sources for the game and the levels.  Since Dreamworks considers Trespasser a flop, it would be nice to save the work that went into the game and perhaps turn it into an open-source game.

It's July 2000 as I'm editing this, almost two years since Trespasser came out.  My computer is now a bit better having been upgraded to a 366mhz Celeron, 256mb ram, and a 20gb IBM GXP. I still love Trespasser and I might actually get a new proof-of-concept up next month.

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