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Trespasser: Off the Path
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Level 4a - The Demo Level

The demo level has a single OOB. Itís a beauty. It contains detailed terrain for the level that should have been between Level 4 and Level 5. If you use the "loc" cheat to get the coordinates at the end of Level 4 and at the start of Level 5, you can see that there is quite a disconnect. Also, you know that you were at fairly high altitude at the end of Level 4, so how could you suddenly find yourself near sea level at the start of Level 5?

If the demo video seems poor, adjust it with the video options.

The demo level starts out on one of two adjacent helicopter platforms. Jump to the other one. Get some weapons. Throw the others to the ground where you can retrieve them later. The "woo" and "dinos" cheats donít work here. Use a strategy of shoot and avoid. You might want to try to kill one or two raptors from the second platform before you descend. When youíre ready, shoot the supports out from under the trailer up by the road. [TSOrd - Screw that, it's a waste of ammo. Use the rifle and shoot the trailer once right in the center.] It will roll close to the base of the platform. Save your game, then jump down onto the trailer. Then save your game again.

Go up to the road just beyond the initial position of the trailer. Follow the road to the left. The ground rises noticeably. Soon you will come to some rocks that are blocking the road. You canít get around them. A short way back down the road you can get up the hillside by running up a fallen dead tree. However, the territory up there isnít really OOB. Invisible walls separate you from that. Near the rocks blocking the road is where the power lines from the Level 3 final valley should be coming in (you can check the coordinates). If you could get past those rocks and continue following the rising road, it would take you to the pass, which is where the final gate from Level 4 should be. Youíll see that area (minus the gate) shortly.

If you follow the road in the other direction, it takes you to a gate leading out into another valley. You are supposed to knock a box down from the framework of a building under construction. You are then expected to use this box to get up onto the other boxes that are already up against the wall to the left of the gate. Then you climb over the wall. A t-rex approaches, and the demo soon ends whether he gets you or not. Instead of stacking a box and going over the wall, you can cut uphill to the left of the gate. Follow the invisible wall down toward the gate, and jump over the wall. The normal ending ensues.

You will later want to avoid this end-of-game area. It is similar to the end-of-level area in the regular game that causes you to be transported to the next level.

To get OOB, go to the corner of the valley that is almost directly opposite the gate. There is a small valley-like area leading up, but you are blocked from following it by an invisible wall. Follow this to the right, to where it intersects the normal terrain. You should be at about 808, 200, 76, facing about -0.1, -0.9, 0.4. Climb this intersection slowly (using "w"). If you try to go too fast, youíll fall back to the floor of the valley. When you get up near where the slope starts to become a lot steeper, save your game. Youíll have to make a somewhat tricky readjustment to get yourself moving upward again, and itís easy to take a fall here. You might want to have the "bones" cheat on. When you get to the top, youíll find the road, up beyond where it was blocked by the rocks. Follow it up to the pass. Note the coordinates where the road ends. They match those where you exit Level 4. Save your game here, as you can go in two directions from this point.

Continue through the pass. Now you can go left (up the mountain) or right (down the mountain). I suggest going left first, as youíll immediately get some great views. Itís a bit tricky going up, so be persistent. Make your way above the playing area to where the playing area ends, then descend. You canít really go too far up the mountain, anyway. Note that thereís a lot of interesting OOB terrain at this point, complete with decoration in the form of trees and other objects. Head over in the direction of the gate and the valley beyond. Move down the side of that valley until youíre at least a hundred yards behind the t-rex. If you get too close to him, heíll wake up and attack you. You might want to save your game first if you really want to observe him in action at this point. Note that the road and the power lines continue quite a way down this rather long valley. Not far beyond the t-rex, there is a very large pit blocking moving up or down the valley. You have to climb up out of the valley to get around this. Back down in the valley, beyond the pit, the road and the power lines eventually end. Note that the terrain remains high order, though undecorated by trees and such. Near where the road ends, there are interesting rock formations to the right and to the left. Continue on down the valley.

Youíll soon come to a coastal plain on the south coast. There are strange canal-like cuts in the ground. This is where Facility X would have been located. You can see a canal of some kind next to a building in one of the mystery pics found on the Web. The plain ends at a bluff. Normally the ocean would be below that, but the water is not represented here. You are not too far east of the harbor area. If you try to go west toward the Harbor, you are blocked by a series of deep stream cuts. The only way you can get beyond these is to go back up the valley you came down to reach the coastal plain, find your way to the top of the west ridge, and use it to move farther west. Considering the effort involved, I would recommend just using the "tele" cheat instead. You can eventually get to the spot that matches the coordinates of the gate where the Level 5 playing area starts.

[tedmg0913earthlinkne - To get past the first stream go to 679.1,1225.4,27.3. Then drop onto 684.3,1222.9,23.1. Then jump into the left cleft. If Anne can get far enough up the cleft, she can climb up it. I think there is a point at or near the base of the cleft that will allow Anne to jump far enough up the cleft to climb it, if the first jump doesn't get her far enough up the cleft. When she gets close to the top of the cleft where another cleft intersects the cleft she is climbing, instead of turning simply press the A button while still keeping the W button pressed down. Anne will climb the intersecting cleft and will end up on the other side of the stream. (I actually had to turn Anne very slightly to the left to do this). I am certain of my observation. I have gotten over the first stream about ten times now! On the second stream go to 832.0,1152.4,37.9. Climb the right cliff side and you will get up to 862.6,1118.7,62.4. (You might have to jump to get to this spot). At this point you'll easily be able to get up on top of the mountains to get around the second stream.]

The demo level is not the missing level between Levels 4 and 5. It is just built on the world that would have been used for that level. You can see that a lot of work was done on that world in anticipation before it was adopted to host the demo.


The Basement: Head to the east edge of the world. Basically youíre using the "out to sea" approach, although no water is represented here. You can exit at about -254, 1542,1.9. The objects run north to south off the east edge, mostly toward the north. Some objects and their approximate locations:

Powerline tower: -361, 10, 1.4

Rocks: -581, 969, 1.4

Trees: -470, 372, 1.4

Some boxes: -358, 107, 1.4

Dinos (a t-rex and 4 raptors): -780, 70, 1.4

Octahedron: -162, -23, 1.4

Since the summit is only half-represented, you can use the auto-teleport-up feature to reach it.

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