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Charles K. Hughes
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The following utilities exist to play with Trespasser.  Not all of them are available to the public.  All of them are unsupported alpha versions.  Neither the author nor myself are responsible for any problems that may occur from the use of this program. It didn't break our computers, but you never know.

All the public utilities, except TLAe & SaveBMPExt, in one zip file -  155kb  

Current notes on file formats: formats.txt  28kb


Trespasser Level Audio editor   v1.0.4  2001/02/19 (616kb)

Written by Charles Hughes

- GUI interface
- Extracts all audio in WAV and WV2 formats
- Creates new TPAs
- Creates complete Audio Asset directories by extracting all audio and caption data to standard file formats

1) TLAe.exe

NOTES: (based on MasterHack)
    2/19/2001 - v1.0.4 2001.02.19 - See readme.txt.
    2/18/2001 - v1.0.3 2001.02.18 - See readme.txt.
    2/13/2001 - DCOM98.EXE & COMCTL32.DLL  added below, VB runtimes updated to SP4 below.
    Minor updates, fixed the intro bugs, smaller exe and file.
    - v1.0.1 2000.03.21 - Fixed a few bugs, added an option to exit the intro.  Download and extract  into "C:\Program Files\TTM\TLAe"
    First of the new Trespasser Matrix utilities being worked on by the Trespasser Reverse Engineering Society.  Requires VB6 runtimes. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Download and install the VB6 runtimes (if you don't already have them) in order to use TLAE:
VB 6 Runtimes: VBRun60sp4.exe (1021kb) [on Microsoft servers]

Download and install the following if you have problems running TLAE:
    DCOM98 (for Windows 98): dcom98.exe (1194kb) [on Microsoft servers]
    DCOM95 (for Windows 95): dcom95.exe (~1000kb) [on Microsoft servers]
    COMCTL32.DLL: Download 50comupd.exe (x86) [on Microsoft servers]

SaveBMPExt v1.0 2000/09/09 (40kb)

Written by Andres (

- Extracts screen shot of saved games into bmp format.

1) Drag and drop the file on to the SaveBMPExt.exe file. Screenshot is created in the same directory as the savegame.

Created for the sole purpose of adding screen shots to saved games on web pages.

SWPEXT v0.35  2000/02/10 

Written by PenguiN42 ( & Andres (

- Extracts textures, opacitymaps and bumpmaps from Trespasser levels. (bumpmaps extracted as .BUP, use BumpConvert to get greyscale BMP heightmap)
- Can extract proper names of some textures (temporarily disabled in v0.35)
- Can optionally extract mipmaps

1) SWPExt

NOTES: (previously called SWPHack)
Add header to .BUP files option. Choosing 'no' will extract the bumpmaps as raw data. 'yes' adds a small header to the start of the file. This is to help BumpConvert find out how big the bumpmap is.

BumpConvert v0.1  2000/02/05

Written by Andres (

- Converts between Trespasser bumpmaps and easily editable heightmaps.
- Bumpmaps stored as .BUP files, as used by SWPExt and SWPAdd
- Heightmaps stored as 8bit greyscale windows .BMP files.

1) Extract a .BUP file using SWPExt, convert it to greyscale by running
BumpConvert. Or create your own greyscale image
2) Edit the greyscale image, white represents higher points
3) Convert greyscale image back into a .BUP using BumpConvert
4) Use SWPAdd to patch Trespasser

Creating a bumpmap from a heightmap is an accurate process. But finding the original heightmap given a bumpmap is not. So bumpmaps extracted from Trespasser will sometimes have streaks. I'm working on a better algorithm.

SWPAdd v0.22  2000/02/05

Written by PenguiN42 ( & Andres (

- Replace texture and/or bumpmap
- Automatic generate and replace image MIPMaps option
- Keeps original SWP modified date, as required by Trespasser

1) Create your own texture/bumpmap or modify one extracted with SWPExt (modifying an extracted one ensures the size is correct)
2) Save in windows .bmp format
3) Load up SWPADD
4) Follow the instructions!

NOTE: Things will go faster if the PID and SWP are in the same directory as you won't have to type in the SWP name.

TPAHack v0.2  1999/05/16

Written by PenguiN42 and Iguanaman -- 1998-1999

1) TPAHack

GeomExt v0.15  2000/02/10

Written by Andres (

- Extract Trespasser geometry to .3ds files
- Extracts texture/opacity/bumpmap information


- The GRF file must be uncompressed (use WinZip, it will ask for the filename to extract to)
- If extracting texture info, PIDFILE is required
- Use SWPExt to extract the textures needed. (MAX will list which textures a model needs if they're missing and ask for the path to the textures)
- You will need SWPExt v0.35 or greater to extract filenames with the same conventions as GeomExt needs. Otherwise you're in for a lot of manual renaming!
NOTE: the current version of SWPExt (v0.35) does not extract bumpmaps in the format required by MAX. If you really want the bumpmaps, you'll have to use BumpConvert to convert the .BUP to a .BMP, and then rename it.

eg. GeomExt ..\TestSceneu.grf ..\

- Cannot not extract objects if the mapping block is missing.
- Cannot texture the dinos that are made up of lots of little texture triangles. (ie. RaptorB300-00 in TestScene). If the textures are in large chunks (ie.textures for RaptorB in TestScene) they render fine.
- The material blocks in the GRF always seem to have the opacity/bumpmap percentage equal to zero. So so I've set them to 100% when extracting them.

3d Exploration

This program is useful for viewing extracted 3ds models.  Thanks go to Ripman at Site O for finding it.

Milkshape 3d

This program is useful for editing extracted 3ds models.  Thanks go to Raptor65 for pointing it out to me.

MasterHack v0.1

Written by Charles Hughes -- October 1999

- Extracts textures & bumpmaps from PID/SWP files
- Extracts & replaces audio in TPA files
- Replaces variables in ValueTables in GRF files
- Provides complete data extraction to database tables
- Change position & facing of objects in GRF, SCN, and Savegame files

Usage: Microsoft Access program (not available)

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