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Trespasser Level Editor

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The Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) should probably be called the Trespasser Game Editor since it handles more than a single level, and more than just those files which control a level, but I decided to follow the naming convention I started with TLAe.  Maybe sometime later I'll change the name.

Anyway, this is where to find out information on TLE.  Here are the downloads:

Access 2000
runtime files

This contains the Access 2000 runtimes in a pretty small (Microsoft-ly speaking) package.  You'll need this to install and run TLE. To install, download and run.
v 0.01h) 

This contains TLE itself.  This program is about as alpha version as they come.  Email me any and all bugs you come across.  Email me your bitching about the layout and missing features as well.  This alpha only handles audio right now. To install, unzip and run setup.

How to use - RTFM.  Okay, so the FM is actually "TRES Readme.txt" on the start menu, but you get the idea.

New version 0.01h - Fixed the stupid install directory. 

Mirror note: Please don't make these files available on other sites. It's not that I wouldn't welcome a reduced transfer rate, I just don't want to worry about viruses, trojans, or bad downloads.

Some screen shots of TLE are available.

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