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Geothermal Plant

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Voting results updated.

I am working on extracting all the models and textures from all the levels in order to create the beginnings of an Asset Library for Trespasser.  This is necessary in order to save time in creating the new level and any other future levels.  Also, since others are helping, they'll be able to use the library to create compatible objects.  The downside of this is that there is some significant coding involved.  The upside of this is that it will make importing a new object easier.


Original pics page updated, new features added, voting results updated.  I'm currently working on the design for the level, should have a reasonable layout by tomorrow and be able to tell people what I need.


Voting results (so far) are up.  A few new features have been added.


Added a new page - Voice over poll.  This page is for voting on who you would like to do the voice of Anne in the new level.  One vote per person, please.


Added a new page - Features.  This page will contain a list of features that people have requested to see in the new level.  Also added a direct link to the Geothermal Plant discussion board - I had completely forgotten about adding it in here.


When completing Trespasser, the Dreamworks crew needed to finalize the product and ship it for the 98 Christmas season.  They also needed a demo version to help entice buyers.  Trespasser wasn't finished, but they had eight of (at least) nine levels mostly completed.  The ninth level was scrapped and converted into the demo, and the other eight were included in the game.  This section of my website is devoted to creating the ninth level that should have been in the game.

The name of the new level will be the Geothermal Plant (the short name, used for filenames, will be Geo).  This new level sits between the Town (Level 4) and the Lab (Level 5).  Dreamworks originally named this level the Pine Valley.  Since there is a remote chance (say a snowball's chance in hell) of Dreamworks releasing the Pine Valley level, I decided to name my level Geo to avoid any potential conflicts.

The demo level actually forms the basis of this new level.  The terrain will remain the same, but objects and dinosaurs will be different.  I'm going to try to provide my own concept art and actual in-game screenshots here as I develop the level.  At the same time, I'm also going to be pretty tight-lipped about the actual storyline for the level. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with pictures of the original Geothermal plant level that Dreamworks planned.

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