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Trespasser is a great game, but sometimes developers just get their heads stuck up their asses. That's what this page is for, to help pull their heads back out.  This page is for modifications to the game, proofs of concept have been moved to their own page.

Mod #5 (7/24/2001 - Courtesy of Mark Grant aka MrLaggy): Bigger Screen Sizes:

TresScreenPatch.exe (18kb)

The patch everyone has been eagerly awaiting - bigger screen sizes.  Mark figured out where in the EXE the screen sizes were being limited.  This patch will work with any of the Trespasser EXE's and remove the limit.  Thanks go out to Mark for figuring out this information:

Open trespass.exe in your favorite binary editor and make the following two changes by finding the Hex From values and changing them to the Hex To values.

Hex From Hex To
81 79 0c 20 03 81 79 0c 00 08
81 78 0c 20 03 81 78 0c 00 08

That will allow you to select any video mode up to 2048x1536. If you're brave, you can change the 20 03 to ff ff rather than 00 08 and that will then support any video mode you're ever likely to see (up to 65535 wide), but it's always possible there's some version of some video driver out there which will return garbage by accident.

Two minor notes:

  1. When Mark first published this information, there was a mistake in it.  Hex To in the second set had a 79 instead of a 78.  The info above is correct.
  2. On my machine, I cannot get screen captures using the built in printscreen function in Trespasser when I'm at 1280x1024.  This probably happens for any higher resolution as well, but I haven't tested it.

Mod #4 (2/28/2000 - Courtesy of Zandor): Playing more games with the terrain:

Zandor did the work to figure out which terrain combinations work well with other level.  He tried all the 90 possibilities renaming the 10 levels (including Demo and Test Scene). Some combinations won't allow you to go anywhere, as you'll start the level in open space. Others won't let you go far, because the ground ends soon. (This is especially true of the test level which is useless for any other level.) The 22 combinations that work are listed in the table below.  The first column is the original file. The remaining columns are the levels it can be renamed to and work with.

Works For
1:BE JR      
2:JR BE IJ    
4:IT DE TS    
4a:PV* AS      
6:AS DE AS4 TS  

* PV.WTD is the terrain file for the demo.  It stands for "Pine Valley".

Mod #3 (1/22/2000): Playing games with the terrain:

If you've read the Isle Sorna notes you know that there are some strange problems with terrain and locations on the island.  Well, this mod is for you to enjoy some of the mistakes the developers made.  I make no apologies for exposing their problems - consistency must be a PRIMARY goal when developing a game because players hate inconsistencies and it disturbs the atmosphere.

Anyway, it is possible to use the Terrain from one level on another level.  I've only tried this method on one level, but it is usable for any level except level 1.  Because Level 1 has "sea level" at 15 instead of 1.5, attempting to use the level 1 terrain file won't work very well on any other level.

Here is the general method to use a different terrain file on a level:

  1. Rename the *.WTD file for the level you want to change to something else.  I suggest to *.WTO
  2. Copy the *.WTD for the level you want to use to the *.WTD name of the level you are going to play.

Example:  To use the Level 3 terrain on Level 4 (which is quite amusing really):

  1. Rename IT.WTD to IT.WTO
  2. Copy IJ.WTD to IT.WTD


Mod #2 (1/13/2000): Using the retail levels in the demo version:

There is no reason to do this, but if you want to, I've figured out how. This one is not easy to do, too bad. This is a generic procedure, just use it for each level.

  1. In the retail game, load the level you want to play in the demo. Save a game. Quit out of trespasser.
  2. In the directory where you installed Trespasser you will find a file with the name of the level you just loaded and the extension ".SWP".
  3. Copy this SWP file to where you've installed the Demo.
  4. From the CD DATA\ directory copy the level file with extension "PID" to where you've installed the Demo.
  5. From the CD DATA\ directory or the PATCH\ directory (if you're using the patched version), copy the level files with extensions "GRF", "SCN", and "WTD" to where you've installed the Demo.
  6. Start WINZIP (if you don't have it, get it and install it).  Drag the level file with the GRF extension onto the Winzip window.  A new window will open asking what name to give the file - change the name to "XY" and click OK. Drag and drop "XY" into the Demo directory.  Delete the GRF file and rename "XY" to the name of the GRF file including the ".grf" extension.
  7. Copy all the TPA files from the CD DATA\ directory to where you've installed the Demo.

Mod #1 (1/13/2000): Using the demo level in the retail version:

Any patch to the levels in the retail version requires that the game be installed from the hard drive.  In order to install it, it needs to be copied to the hard drive.  This is pretty simple, just do a direct copy.  Unfortunately, this sucks because several directories are created in the root of your hard drive.  A better way is to use VirtualCD to make a fake CD drive using a subdirectory.  To do this, download the VirtualCD program and copy it to a directory called "VirtualCD" then unzip it.  Now create a new directory called Trespasser inside the VirtualCD folder.  Copy the entire CD into the Trespasser directory.  Run VirtualCD and then create a virtual drive by selecting it from the available list (I use X:), then click on ADD, select the Trespasser directory in the VirtualCD folder, click OK.   The drive will be created.  Click on Permanent to make it stay across reboots.  Once you've created this drive, uninstall Trespasser and reinstall from the virtual drive.

Now you can actually do what you want - copy the demo level to the retail game.  Copy the, demo-130.swp, demo.scn, demo.grf, pv.wtd to the DATA\ directory where you copied the CD.  If you install the patch, you'll need to copy demo.scn, demo.grf, pv.wtd to the PATCH\ directory where Trespasser is installed.

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