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Reverse Engineering

History | Proofs of Concept | Utilities | Trespasser Level Editor

This section is devoted to the efforts dedicated to reverse engineering of the Trespasser game.

The links above reference the corresponding file format in Trespasser, utilities to extract and modify level data, and proofs of concept to show that we've done what we say can be done.  The "FORMATS.TXT" file containing our notes is in the Utilities section.  This is also home to the Trespasser Level Editor (TLE) program.

Dreamworks, through discussions with Brady Bell, has declined to open-source Trespasser.  I'm very disappointed with this.  If anyone at Dreamworks wants to reconsider this decision I'd be very interested in hearing from you.

After discussing the pros and cons we've decided to release some of our utilities and our notes.  We have two reasons for this.  The first and foremost reason is that we'd like to encourage others to come forward and help us with our efforts.  Specifically we are looking for people who can program in C++, know 3d Studio Max, or can trace through assembly code/running programs to find information.  The second reason is that we wanted to let the public know what we're doing and how far along we are.  We don't want to be harassed with lots of questions or demands for progress - anyone who does that will meet with deafening silence. (Lots of questions from someone who can actually help would be okay. :)

We are also looking for any of the people who actually worked on Trespasser.  I've contacted Bill Brown, Wei Ho, Brady Bell, and Kyle McKisic and they have all been very helpful. I've also tried to contact Rich Wycoff and Rolf Mohr beyond their Dreamworks affiliation but they've never responded.  I'd like very much to contact anyone who worked on Trespasser.  We're looking for information, models, textures, audio, code, notes, design concepts, etc - anything at all that would help us.

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