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Geothermal Plant Original Pictures

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All of the images on this page can be clicked on to view the full-size image.

While creating this new level, I'm taking pains to try to include all the features that Dreamworks originally intended.  This is the screen that is displayed when loading the demo level.

It's a 3dMax rendered scene.  The image below is shown whenever the correct image for a level can't be found in the retail game.

There are many objects with a level abbreviation in their name in the game.  "Pine Valley" is mentioned in one (or more) of the previews on Trespasser, as is the geothermal plant.  Below is the image that was meant for the Pine Valley level.  This is actually named li_pv_0.tga on the CD.  The "pv" stands for Pine Valley.  There are a few objects with "pv" in their name in the game.  

This section looks similar to the first ravine beyond the T-Rex on the demo level.  It was one of the first clues that the demo level was actually the geothermal plant level.  It is not a very close match to the ravine, which makes me think there may actually have been another level.  There is space between levels 2 and 3 for another level.

With the concept of a ninth and perhaps 10th level, I've collected a number of screen shots showing these other levels. In this picture, you'll notice a bridge across a cement moat.


And here's another shot of that bridge:

In the shot above, there is a building which matches the one in the shot below.  You can also see the green transformer, and the rock formation near the bridge.

To see how these all match up, click on each picture to open up a new window with the enlarged picture in it.  They really are the same area.  The moat in these pictures is along the coast in the demo level.  You can see the moat suddenly drop off into nothing in the middle picture above.  That's a cliff.

The picture below is part of the originally planned geothermal plant level.  Note the sky - this picture is an actual in-game shot.

However, here's a 3dMax rendered shot of the same area.  Note the angled road, the walkway following it, and the building in the rear.  The only thing really missing from this picture is the mountain in the back.  The in-game shot is missing the white tubing, a building, and some walkway.  My guess is that the in-game shot was an early unfinished version.

Harshreality001 found this screenshot for me:

Named ControlRoom.jpg, it obviously shows an in-game shot of a control room that does not exist in any of the existing levels.  There's only one level that this could possibly be a part of.  Expect to see something similar to it in the Geothermal level.

TomVa noticed the image on the left below, on a review.  It looks like an in-game screen capture.

The image on the right is a screen cap I made on the demo level.  It is not exactly the same, but I think it is close enough to make the claim that the left screen cap is from the original Geothermal level.  

After looking at the terrain, and these pictures, there is a lot of work to do to create this level.  Be patient. :)  And remember, though I'm going to have fun creating this level, I won't get the pleasure that you will from playing it the first time. :(

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