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Voice-Over Poll

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This page takes about 200 seconds (on a 56k modem) to fully load because the voice-overs are preloading.  Enter your board name below and then do something else while the page loads.  I had the choice between making visitors wait immediately, or making them wait for each sample.  I think the waiting immediately is less annoying because it occurs in one long stretch of time instead of twelve stretches of 20-30 seconds while waiting for the next sample to load.  FrontPage says this page takes 316 seconds to load on a 28.8 modem.

Replacing the voice-overs in the new level is necessary because I can't afford Minnie Driver or Lord Richard Attenborough.  I've picked a few friends who I thought might be able to do good voice-overs in place of Minnie Driver.   Later on I might do a poll on replacing Hammond.

Anonymous votes are not accepted in order to discourage abusing the voting system or stuffing the ballot box.  The actual responses of an individual voter are only accessible to myself and the hosting operators. (Ten anonymous votes have already been discarded.)

To take part in this vote, please enter your board name   

To listen to a voice-over, just hold your mouse over an icon in the Voice-over table below.  It may take a few seconds to download and play the sample.  

There are three samples for each voice-over, one sample from each of my friends.  After listening to all three samples, select the voice you would like best for Anne.  Repeat this process for each voice-over.  You don't need to select the same person for each voice-over.

Voice-Over Dawn Judy Nikki
This elevator looks like it is working.
It smells like something died in here.
What happened here?
Fucking idiots!

In the table below, please select the person you would most prefer to be Anne's voice, and the person you would least prefer for Anne's voice.

Question Dawn Judy Nikki
Overall preferred
Overall disliked

Now click submit to send in your vote.  I'll be tabulating the votes bi-weekly and the results will be shown below.  You can change your vote by submitting a new vote.

Voting results as of 04/29/2001 11:00pm EST

Voice-Over Dawn Judy Nikki None
This elevator looks like it is working. 4 1 15 3
It smells like something died in here. 3 1 16 3
What happened here? 5 2 13 3
Fucking idiots! 3 5 9 6

Question Dawn Judy Nikki None
Overall preferred 4 3 16 0
Overall disliked 7 10 3 3

Who's voted (22 total): TSOrd, ToRad, Wajas, ttheros, Procompsognathus, DarthMaulSithLord, rollercoastertycoonest, Raptor65, JPman, Darth Reaper, Rayncore, TomVA, tRaptor, Andy Kaufman, AladarTheIguanadon, Velociraptor101, Trespasser2003, Scallenger, SnarlZ22, XShakaWTWF, AlphaChaosRaptor, Mabe01, Mallon


  • If you've voted, and aren't named above, then vote again. I've you've voted and want to change your vote, just vote again. Ten anonymous votes have been discarded.
  • If you don't vote on a voice-over sample, then "None" gets that vote. (Several people have voted for None. :)  This makes it easier for me to count the votes.

Last updated Sunday, April 29, 2001 09:45 AM