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This page is just a listing of the features that people have requested for the new level.  The table is broken up into four sections: Objects, Dinosaurs, Audio, and Locations. The meanings of the columns, in order, are:

  1. Updated - the date this feature was last considered (date)

  2. In - this feature has been or will be added.  These items will migrate to the top of their sections as they are marked. (X/blank)

  3. Out - this feature won't (or can't) be added.  These items will migrate to the bottom of their sections as they are marked. (X/blank)

  4. Feature - the name/description of the feature (text)

  5. Creep - the evil genius who first suggested this (board name)

If you have an idea of something you'd like to see in the level, post it on the board and I'll add it here.  The last items updated are bolded.

Updated In Out Feature Creep
03/06/01 X   one stacking puzzle ToRad :)
03/06/01 X   screwdriver BizRodian
03/06/01 X   Stegosaur tail bone club TSOrd
03/06/01 X   Crowbar Rollercoastertycoonest
03/06/01 X   Raptor claw Rollercoastertycoonest
03/06/01 X   Grenade, stun Procompsognathus
03/06/01 X   Rocket Launcher (ammo - maybe) TSOrd
03/06/01 X   A broken flashlight, battery TomVa
03/06/01 X   Guns, various [no more suggestions please] various
03/06/01 X   Machete TSOrd
03/06/01 X   a shovel, a broken bottle AladarTheIguanadon
03/06/01 X   Hat, Muldoon's or Roland's AlphaChaosRaptor
03/06/01     Nerf gun AlphaChaosRaptor
03/06/01     all objects, modify bounding boxes so closer to object shapes AlphaChaosRaptor
03/06/01     the blueprints of Isle Nublar AladarTheIguanadon
02/15/01 X   Sword TSOrd
02/08/01 X   Baseball AlphaChaosRaptor
02/07/01 X   copy of Trespasser CD/game Wajas
02/07/01 X   Broom, TRex jawbone Bizrodian
02/06/01 X   Knife IamKyledammit
02/04/01 X   Empty guns TSOrd
02/04/01 X   Partially full guns TSOrd
02/15/01     an umbrella, a screwdriver TomVa
02/08/01     Bowling ball Bizrodian
02/07/01     make Anne move faster Wajas
02/06/01     makeshift weapons (suggestions on what?) Dinochandler
02/05/01     Visual of second arm when using rifles  jpFanatic
02/05/01     Unmounted guns  jpFanatic
02/05/01     Operating room with video displays of dinos on the island  hawkeye
02/04/01     Ammo TSOrd
02/04/01     Jamming guns (guns with ammo, but which stop working) Wajas
02/04/01     Working inside elevator TSOrd
02/04/01     Working jeep. (Working is such a nebulous term...) TSOrd
02/04/01   X Working bike, plane, helicopter, boat. (No, don't even ask. :) TSOrd
03/06/01     Alternative dead dinosaur poses TSOrd
03/06/01   X Humans, living SnarlZ22
03/06/01   X Fish Alphachaosraptor
02/18/01 X   Anne: ability to carry more than two objects at once. (No other information forthcoming. :)  TSOrd
02/13/01     movement constraints on models   Sabathius & jpFanatic
02/08/01     miscellaneous dinosaurs   TSOrd
02/07/01     Jumping raptors  Wajas
02/06/01     More herbivores HarshReality001
02/05/01     Raptors inside buildings  jpFanatic
02/05/01     Add new dino 3ds models & skeletons jpFanatic
02/04/01     Carnotaurus - I need the textures for this. SnarlZ22
02/04/01     Spinosaurus - I need the textures for this. Varan101
02/04/01     Pteradactyl & nest - I need the textures for this. TSOrd
02/04/01     Procompsognathus - I need the textures for this. IamKyledammit
02/04/01     Baby T-Rex TSOrd
02/04/01     Herbivore herd & attacking T-Rex Procompsognathus
02/04/01     Herbivore herd & attacking Raptors Procompsognathus
02/18/01 X   no profane language Jabbapop
02/08/01 X   New voice-overs (not Anne or Hammond) TSOrd
02/04/01 X   New & Replacement Anne voice-overs TSOrd
02/04/01 X   New & Replacement Hammond voice-overs TSOrd
02/04/01 X   New musical scores (not newly composed, but not previously in Trespasser) TSOrd
02/08/01     Bowling lane (with pins & ball) TSOrd
02/06/01 X   Horseshoe game area TSOrd
02/06/01 X   Control room (per the original pic) HarshReality001

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