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Old News 1999
(old news 2000)


  • IngenNet has opened their new forum
  • Tease a T-Rex and take a ride on the wild side - two new saved games for the demo level submitted by Zandor
10/19/1999 10/9/1999 10/8/1999
  • Anne's Story updated (Chapter 7 finished, Chapter 8 begun)
10/7/1999 10/3/1999
  • Anne's Story updated (Chapter 6 revised, Chapter 7 partially written)
  • Added new saved game - "Kick the Raptor"
  • Added a Forums page containing links to all the Trespasser forums in one place.
9/30/1999 9/23/1999 9/15/1999 9/11/1999
  • Some of you may not have realized that I'm TSOrd icq#43403297, lead programmer on THS. Well, now
    you have no excuse. :)
  • Isle Sorna (Site B) updated map (Version 2.4.1 400k gif, single picture)
  • Links updated because of all the recent site changes.
  • Secrets updated with a new STREAM.TPA file for the demo
9/2/1999 8/29/1999 8/28/1999 8/24/1999
  • Anne's Story updated
  • New Hack: How to play Trespasser without the CD.
  • New easter egg from Bizrodian.
  • THS 2 Forum
  • Anne's Story updated
  • SORT cheat explained
  • Like the Phoenix, from the ashes rises THS 2!
  • Moved to
Future sections planned for Trespasser Secrets
undercon.gif (1133 bytes)Pro's & Con's Here's where I bitch about the shortcomings, and praise what I consider to be the best parts of Trespasser.
undercon.gif (1133 bytes)Clean Walk-thru This is a walk-thru for the person new to the game and who doesn't want any spoilers but wants to really enjoy what went into the making of this game.
undercon.gif (1133 bytes)Trespasser Exposed This is the dirty walkthru.  Everything is in here.  Every sneaky trick, every shortcut, every important location, every interesting site is in here.  When you absolutely must know or do something, this is the where you'll find it.  These pages will ruin your Trespasser gaming experience if you haven't already completed the game.  It's like reading the last chapter of a mystery to find out who did it and then reading the rest of the book - no fun at all and a complete waste of time.

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