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Easter Eggs

Location Easter Egg
Level 3 -
Jungle Road
  1. The Black Monolith exists near the end of level 3.  Use the tele cheat and go to 195.3,254.4,69.  If you touch the Monolith a strange song plays. (TSOrd)
  2. At the beginning of the level, climb the rock just beyond the fallen tree.  A music score will play. (XShakaWTWF 5/11/2000)
Level 4 -
In the Town
Go into the town and head towards the security building at the back.  Facing the security building if you look to your right you will see a gate in the wall with a blockade in front of it.  Jump up the gate as if you were trying to get over it - you'll manage to get on top of the gate. Turn right and keep walking along the top of the wall. About halfway to Hammond's compound you will be warped into the secret level. NOTE: This secret was disabled in the patch, however the level is still available by using the level select cheat.
Level 4b -
The Testscene
  1. If you stack three boxes in the test scene area, you are rewarded with a gold bar. The gold bar will pop from under the boxes, throwing them up. (Zandor 9/18/1999)  Any three boxes will do. (TSOrd 7/23/2000)
  2. In the Testscene if you carry a gold bar into the square with the column of light over it and drop the bar, Anne speaks. (TPtdac)  For each bar of gold you bring into the light, Anne will say something different. (TSOrd 7/23/2000)
  3. Use the teleport cheat to go to -80,80,1.5 and the 'Final Confrontation' music from Level 8 plays. (XShakaWTWF 5/11/2000)
Level 5 -
The Lab
Nedry was a Star Wars fan. This little Easter egg supplied by Bizrodian ( I've copied his entire page to this site.
Level 8 -
The Summit
As soon as you start this level turn around and walk off the elevator into the thin air and certain doom.  You will land on an invisible block floating in midair. Stop, turn on BONES, and look around. A walkway stretches to your left and then turns right, stretching away from the mountain.  Follow this walkway until you are almost at the end. Start running and as you reach the end, jump into the valley below to your certain doom. You will be warped to the top of the mountain, Hammond will recite "Ozymandias" by Shelley, and the WIN ending sequence will be played. (To discover this secret Tony Haglof of Sweden (Swedish dinosaur hunter*) jumped to his certain doom while playing with my Level 8 saved game. He made me rediscover it while he was recovering from shock. :)
  You want more - well go find them! And let me know of course. :)

* I'm not sure what Swedish dinosaurs look like.

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