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Miscellaneous information about the game:

  • There are six commonly available executables for Trespasser, and one unavailable executable.  The unavailable executable is the Beta Trespasser exe, presumably version 115.  Of the other six, three are provided on the CD.  These three are all version 116, which does not have the INVUL or TELE cheats enabled.  Of the remaining three, two are available from the patch.  These two are version 117, which does not have the INVUL and DINOS cheats enabled.  The last version is from the Demo.  It claims to be version 117, but it doesn't have the INVUL, DINOS, or WOO cheats enabled.
  • To add new levels, it is necessary to copy the entire Trespasser CD to your hard disk and install from there.  This also speeds up the game.  If you're a real Trespasser fan, using the 640 megs or so is worth it. :)  (If you are low on disk space you can delete everything except the DATA directory once you've installed the game.)
  • A note on the cheats. Some of these, like "woo" and "loc," function as toggle switches. If you save a game and then reopen it, the state of toggle cheats is indeterminate. The state of the cheats is not just associated with a saved game, but also with your current Trespasser session. Say you save a game one night with "woo" turned on. The next day, you start a new session with a different game. You turn on "woo." Then you decide to go back to your saved game. When you load it, the "woo" instruction is executed again. This turns the cheat off. Put another way, the saved game just holds the instruction "woo," not the equivalent of "woo = on." Actually, however, the game is not that logical. Sometimes the cheat status seems random when you load a saved game. Upon doing so, check the status of your cheats, especially "woo." Pull out a weapon and fire it. Then store it and pull it out again. If you now have less ammo, then "woo" is turned off. Use the cheat to turn it on. Saving a saved game that you just loaded may reset the cheats to their original state in the saved game. [Thanks go to Tom Wolery4 for this information.]

Known built-in cheats:

  1. Automatic aim correction - hit SHIFT+CTRL+left mouse click while holding a gun and the game will automatically align the gun sights. This cheat only works in the retail version of the game. This cheat has been disabled in the Demo and Retail Patched versions.
  2. Given the manner in which these cheats are stored in TRESPASS.EXE, it is extremely unlikely that there are any other cheats utilizing the invisible text window. There may be other "cheats" built into the system based on certain key sequences (like the CTRL+SHIFT+F11 level cheat).  If these cheats exist they are holdovers from the GUIApp used to test Trespasser levels.
  3. Toxin Rifle cheat - The tip of the toxin rifle is lethal in the Testscene. It is not lethal in level 6 (Ascent part 1, as.scn), nor in Level 5 (Lab.scn).  In fact, in Level 5 it's not actually a Toxin rifle.  For sound effect and rate of fire the properties of that rifle are the same as a Toxin rifle.  For damage, range, and ammo it is the same as a Calico MP50.  Other levels have not been tested yet, but there are no Toxin rifles in the playing area of those levels.
  4. Shock Absorbing cheat - If Anne lands on an object instead of the ground she can fall/jump a lot farther.
  5. If you are moving using the direction keys and hit CTRL+F11 at the same time Trespasser will continue acting as if you were still holding the direction keys down. This cheat does not appear to work with firing or jumping, but does work with crouching.
  6. At the load screen, hit CTRL+SHIFT+Q+W and a box will appear containing the filename of all the levels including the secret ones. Select the one you want to play and click OK.
File Name Level & name
be.scn 1: Beach
jr.scn 2: Jungle Road
ij.scn 3: Industrial Jungle
IT.scn 4: In Town
demo.scn 4a: Demo2
TestScene.scn 4b: Test Scene
TestScnNght.scn 4b2: Test Scene at night1
lab.scn 5: Lab
as.scn 6: Ascent, Part 1
as2.scn 7: Ascent, Part 2
sum.scn 8: Summit
  1. While playing the game, hit CTRL+F11 to activate an invisible text window at the lower left-hand corner of the screen and then enter one of the following cheats and hit CTRL+F11 to close the invisible text window. While the window is open you can enter more cheat codes but beware - the dinosaurs are still active.
Cheat code Parameters Usable3 Toggle? Effect
win (none) b,D,R,p N runs the winning end-of-game sequence (the losing end-of-game sequence is generally accompanied by ripping sounds and lots of blood)
woo (none) b,!D,R,p Y weapon ammo is not used up when firing 
dinos (none) b,!D,R,!p Y dinosaurs cannot move [note: The game sometimes changes the position of a dinosaurs head and Anne can still be hurt by dinosaurs when they are not moving.] [WARNING: This is disabled in the patch and the demo.]
bones (none) b,D,R,p Y display object boundaries visible with colored lines. [note: Ground, water, instant death, triggers, and small plant boundaries are not shown.] (purple lines mean the object is not in contact with a moving object, orange lines mean the object is in contact with a moving object, red lines indicate a moving object)
loc (none) b,D,R,p Y display current location in upper left-hand corner of screen 
tele x,y,z,xF,yF,zF ?b,D,!R,p N This command teleports Anne to the specified coordinates. (x,y,z,xF,yF,zF are all numbers, see LOC) 
tele 0 ?b,D,!R,p N This command teleports Anne to the zero point of the game. This location is special in that the developers seemed to have placed most of the dinosaurs (that appear on that level) and all of the guns in the game nearby.
tnext (none) b,D,R,p N jump to the next important point [WARNING: Sometimes this results in instant death.]
gore 2, any value
except 1 & 0
b,D,R,p N turn on "Bloodiest Game Ever!" setting. [note: very amusing, especially when shooting Rex's]
gore 1 b,D,R,p N standard setting for amount of blood shown
gore 0 b,D,R,p N little blood will be shown
gore (no value) b,D,R,p N WARNING: fatal error
bionicwoman (none) b,D,R,p Y this cheat makes the game slow down all object movement. This is useful for getting nice action screen captures, just remember that Anne is slowed down as well. Slow motion falling is quite amusing.
imouse 0 ?b,D,R,p N do not invert the mouse function
imouse  (any non-zero
?b,D,R,p N invert the mouse function
sort (no value) ?b,D,R,p N WARNING: fatal error
sort btf ?b,D,R,p N Sort the visual layers back to front. (Thanks to Tom Wolery4 for letting me know about this.)
sort ftb ?b,D,R,p N Sort the visual layers front to back. (Thanks to Tom Wolery4 for letting me know about this.)
sort (any other value) ?b,D,R,p N No effect.
invul (none?) ?b,!D,!R,!p Y Makes Anne invulnerable.


1 The Test Scene at night was not changed by the patch but because of the way the patch works, it doesn't appear when the CTRL+SHIFT+Q+W cheat is used.  To restore it, copy the files TestScnNght.grf and TestScnNght.scn to the PATCH\ directory where you installed Trespasser. (The night scene uses the WTD file from the normal test scene - but don't copy it or you'll overwrite the patched test scene.)

2 The demo scene is only available in the demo but can be copied into the retail or patched version.  To copy it into either version, you must have installed the game from your hard drive.  (I get to take credit for this hack/cheat. :)

Add the demo level to the Retail version:
    Copy the, demo-130.swp, demo.scn, demo.grf, pv.wtd to the DATA\ directory where you copied the CD.

Add the demo level to the Patched Retail version:
    Copy the, and demo-130.swp to the DATA\ directory where you copied the CD.  Copy demo.scn, demo.grf, and pv.wtd to the PATCH\ directory where you installed Trespasser.

3 Usable - this indicates which version of Trespasser this cheat exists in. An exclamation point (!) in front of a letter indicates that the cheat exists but is disabled. A question mark (?) indicates that I do not know if the cheat exists in that version. I know of six versions of Trespasser:

  1. b - Beta, used to create the Brady Official Guide to Trespasser
  2. w - There was a pirated version of Trespasser with just the first level floating around the net.  I managed to obtain this and it is identical to the Retail version of the game except that it only has level 1 included with it.  It has been removed from the listing above.
  3. S - the "shareware" version - Though referenced in a review this was actually just the demo.  It has been removed from the listing above.
  4. D - Demo, the demo (version 117)
  5. R - the retail version of the game (version 116)
  6. p - the patched version of the retail game (version 117)

If anyone has the beta version, I'd sure appreciate a copy.

4. Thanks to Tom Wolery for letting me know about the parameters for the SORT cheat. You'll be seeing a lot of thanks to him throughout my site - he did a LOT of work to find the information I've added.

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